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Synthetaic builds software that lets our customers create AI solutions in minutes, not months.

Synthetaic’s RAIC (Rapid Automatic Image Categorization) solves AI’s underlying data-labeling problem by eliminating the need for time-intensive human labeling or expensive labeled datasets. RAIC automates the analysis of large, unstructured datasets and offers instant detection of anything, at scale. It’s the way AI is supposed to work.

Our solutions have been applied to critical use cases across industries, including geospatial, defense, security, science, technology, conservation, and more.

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First Tenants Announced for The Grain 

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Corey jaskolski

Corey Jaskolski

Founder and President

Corey Jaskolski is a National Geographic Fellow, explorer, engineer, and MIT graduate. He designs, builds, and deploys technologies for exploration and conservation missions in some of the world’s most beautiful and unforgiving environments. Jaskolski’s work has taken him to all seven continents on projects like scuba diving among the icebergs in Antarctica, descending 12,500 feet below the ocean’s surface in a three- person submarine to explore the Titanic, leading a helicopter-based effort to produce a high-resolution aerial LIDAR map of the Nepalese side of Everest, and venturing deep inside flooded caves while digitizing Maya human sacrifice victims and Ice Age bear skeletons. Recently Jaskolski developed a custom camera array to capture a 3D digital copy of one of the world’s last Sumatran rhinos. Today, Corey is collaborating with National Geographic Society on the development of a cloud-based Conservation Intelligence Platform, aimed at providing real-time identification of endangered species and security alerts for protected areas. Jaskolski is founder and CEO of Synthetaic, an impact-driven artificial intelligence start-up that creates AI solutions, leveraging synthetic data for applications including conservation, anti-poaching, security, and medical imaging.

In October 2020, Corey was honored with the prestigious Rolex National Geographic Explorer of the Year Award for his innovations in the fields of conservation, science, and technology.

Brian goodwin

Brian Goodwin

 Chief Technology Officer

Before joining Synthetaic, Brian was the Principal Data Scientist at a cloud implementation firm with an AI focus. Brian was responsible for architecting and deploying enterprise big data cloud-based AI solutions across many industries. Since he did all of this in the Azure cloud framework, Brian works in close collaboration with Microsoft senior technical staff. Prior to his industry work, Brian earned his PhD with a focus in computational neuroscience from Marquette University (MU) with specialization in medical imaging, signal processing, machine-learning (AI), and high-performance computing. During his postdoctoral studies at Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), he used computational and AI methods to characterize injury mechanisms in the event of a roadside bombs (IEDs) in combat zones. Using many disparate sensing modalities along with machine-learning models, he worked to characterize the dynamic response of the spine in a seated soldier when exposed to impacts that resemble those from underbody blasts in armored vehicles. This characterization was instrumental in the design of an anthropomorphic test device (ATD, or crash-test-dummy) for use in armored vehicle design. He has built many complex predictive models, some of which have been published [3], [4] or even become MSFT case studies.

Daniel weise

Daniel Weise

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Dan Weise is responsible for all of Synthetiac’s financial functions, including accounting, audit, treasury, corporate finance, and investor relations. He also oversees and manages human resources, legal, and facilities activities. Dan’s career spans more than 30 years of varied experience in financial management, business leadership, and corporate strategy. Prior to joining Synthetaic in 2021, Dan served as CFO and eventually CEO for VCPI, an IT managed services company, where he led the eventual sale of the company. He previously held leadership roles at companies like Manpower and Quad Graphics and spent time in public accounting as an auditor. Dan also spent years managing data and reporting teams using business intelligence techniques to measure company operational outcomes to ensure they drive financial results.

 jennifer marx

Jennifer Marx

VP of Product

Jennifer Marx, Senior Director of Product at Synthetaic, is passionate about solving customer problems, innovation, and team leadership. Jennifer’s extended technology career has spanned a variety of industries from mid-sized web and mobile ecommerce to the global Fortune 100. A key to Jennifer’s success is a proven track record for analytical decision making. She has applied her ability to deliver customer value and business results for both small R&D teams and large programs exceeding $50M in annual investment and $500M in annual revenue. Jennifer’s enthusiasm for thoughtful team leadership and removing barriers to progress has flourished in Agile product development and technology teams. Her ability to effectively negotiate and translate between business leaders, customers, and technical staff has afforded her a diverse career, including leadership roles in product management, product team building, and project and program management.

Bill tinney

Bill Tinney

Director of Partnerships

Bill Tinney, Director of Partnerships for Synthetaic, is a determined optimist who thrives in ambiguity while creatively solving audacious problems. Through empathy and years of wearing multiple hats, he fosters resilient cross functional teams of designers, engineers, product managers, account executives, and senior leadership. He thrives in the initial growth phase of startups, even helping accelerate one to a $1B valuation in 26 months. For two decades, he's challenged the status quo to deliver world class products across numerous verticals that help users overcome decision fatigue and make informed decisions. From making the perfect mixtape for a loved one (Starbucks HearMusic) — to quantifying your personalized health through whole human genomics, blood markers every six months, and a suite of other tests all distilled in an app (Arivale) — to championing remote sensing insights across synthetic aperture radar, electro-optical sensors, and more in timelines we never imagined (Rebellion Defense and Synthetaic) — Bill continues to roll up his sleeves, striving to leave the world better than he found it.

Akasha sutherland

Akasha Sutherland

Director of AI for Impact Program

Akasha Sutherland is an intrepid explorer, diver, and conservationist who strives at connecting communities, businesses, and institutions with their ever-changing environments. Prior to joining Synthetaic, Akasha served as the director of communications for 3D media and digitization company, Virtual Wonders, where she led scanning expeditions to some of the world’s most treasured cultural and natural sites. Having worked in countless chapters of conservation and on action-based media campaigns around the world, Akasha’s role at Synthetaic focuses on developing and maintaining relationships with NGO’s, protected areas, and large collaborators like National Geographic Society. Today, Akasha is intent on using Synthetaic’s core IP and impact-based mission, to harness the power of machine learning, in order solve some of the planets most pressing environmental challenges.

 christian gill

Christian Gill

Senior Director of Human Resources

Christian started his career in talent acquisition at one of the world’s leading RPO firms, and over the past decade, he has leveraged his people-centered mindset to enable leaders to create more effective, productive, engaged, agile, and innovative workplaces. As Director of Human Resources at Synthetaic, Christian leads the design and development of all people strategies, including talent attraction, acquisition, development and retention, succession planning, new employee onboarding, leadership development, university relations, company culture, executive coaching, employee relations, ethics, and workplace compliance.

Dave richter

Dave Richter

Director of Engineering

Dave started his career as an Electrical Engineer but for the past three decades has been managing teams across the entire product development cycle from inception through to having products in the market. As Director of Engineering for Synthetaic, Dave leads a team of Ph.D. scientists, AI experts, Full-Stack-Developers, and User Experience professionals unlocking impossible AI in the areas of Medical, Security, and more. As Director of R&D for Johnson Controls (a $30 B/yr public company), Dave had over 100 staff reporting to him across a number of inception-to-market projects including cloud-enabled smart security camera systems. Previously as a senior program manager at Rockwell Automation, Dave oversaw the full electrical, firmware, software, mechanical, and manufacture operations of several types of high-end automation controllers that interfaced with motion-controller, sensors, and computer vision systems and were used in applications ranging from brewery production lines to the pharmaceutical industry.